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Beauty Loop is a  professional makeup line.

Fashionable shades, formulas and textures that get the Best out of every skin type and any kind of face.

Products designed carefully not only for professionals but also for every woman that want to have a sophisticated and professional makeup.

It is a professional make-up line, with technological contents characterized by an affordable price to offer.

Beauty loop is a new and fresh cosmetic brand created by makeup artists to offer the most effective solution for the professionals and for women who seek a professional look!

 Last generation textures, highly performing as application, lasting and Comfortable: they are the most effective solution for all women.

Make-up for face, eyes, lips and hands.

All the products, the textures and the colours are developed by the Marketing dept. closely to our make-up artist team.

 Finally, a new and fresh make up line that will satisfy professional makeup artists, beauty studios selective point of sales offering a brand carefully designed to achieve maximum sales to everyday women that want to buy easy to use professional cosmetics.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 138 items